Children and Worship Print

Children are not born knowing how to worship. They learn to worship by participating in worship services, preferably with their parents.

At Moyock Baptist, we help children learn to worship through a graduated process that recognizes a child's growing awareness and attention span.

For children birth-age 3, we offer nursery services during every worship service and most other events church-wide events. Parents can pick up a pager in the nursery which wil allow the nursery staff to summon a parent if there is a need.

For children age 4 thorugh 1st grade, we ask that they sit with their parents during the worship serivce. About halfway thorugh the service, the pastor will call children to the front for a children's sermon. After the children's sermon, these younger children are invited to go to "children's church" for the remainder of the worship service. Children's Church meets in the preschool suite, across from the fellowship hall. After worship, children are released to their parents from the preschool suite.

Children in 2nd grade and up are invited to continue coming up front for the chhildren's sermon. But, at its conclusion, they return to their parents for the remainder of the service. They will receive a "children's bulletin", with puzzles and activities that they can work on during the sermon.

Eventually, as adolescence kicks in, children, on their own, stop coming forward for the children's sermon, and participate in the worship service on the same terms as adults.