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From time to time, life gets hectic. A new baby is born. A parent is house-bound, recovering from surgery. A husband is out to sea and the washer breaks down. An out-of-town family member is terminally ill.

When those times happen, and they happen to all of us, a meal from a caring church member can make a world of difference.

To facilitate this kind of personal ministry, we've subscribed to an online service: Meal Train. It's a way to identify needs among our church family, and to coordinate the response to those needs.

Here's how it works ... click on the button in the right-hand column labeled "Meal Train". That takes you to our Meal Train page, where you can see a list of people we're trying to help at any given time. Click on the situation you'd like to respond to, and you'll get the opportunity to sign up to provide a meal on a day that no one else has asked for. You'll get information about the kind of foods people like, if there are any alllergies you need to be aware of, and the best time of day to come and bring your meal.

That's it ... sign up, and then deliver your meal at the appointed time.

We'll also be using this vehicle to arrange for other needs as well: scheduling a ride to the doctor's office, mowing the lawn, even arranging child care.

And, from time to time, when the need arises, we'll be using this service to coordinate potluck dinners for funerals, VBS, and other events.