Becoming A Member
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Membership is open to any person who has professed faith in Jesus Christ, thereby making a life commitment to follow his teachings in every arena of life. To unite with our congregation in a formal way, you must be willing to sign the church covenant as an expression of your willingness to be a part of our congregation.

At the conclusion of each worship service, those present are given an opportunity to present themselves as candidates for church membership.

  • If you are not a Christian, you may come as a candidate for baptism and church membership.
  • If you are already a Christian, you may present yourself as a candidate for membership based on a transfer from your current church.

After you present yourself as a candidate, the pastor will speak with you about the specifics of your situation, and schedule a baptismal service if that is called for. At the baptismal service, or, in the case of a transfer, at the next worship service, you will be given an opportunity to sign the public copy of the church covenant.

At the next church business meeting, your name will be placed on the church roll "officially", by a vote of the members present.