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The gospel offers disciples an opportunity to be partners with God in the work that He is doing to bring all things into conformity with His will. In a single word, this partnership is what we call "missions."

We offer a variety of missions opportunities, from one-day events to on-going groups.

Youth in grades 6 and above gather on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm in Room 5 of our education building for Youth on Mission, an opportunity to learn about missions, and to participate in mission action projects.

The group is led by Jana Jaroszewski and Brittany Newkirk.

Girls in grades 1-5 get a healthy dose of missions education and experience by participating in Girls in Action.

The group meets on Wednesday evening at 6:30pm (fall, winter, and spring). Girls learn about missionaries at home and abroad, and participate in several local mission projects each year.

Our GA program is directed by Connie Harrelson, assisted by Ramona Humphries, Annette Hartman, Becky Daughtrey, and Dwan Craft.

Royal Ambassadors is a missions education program for boys in grades 1-5. RA's learn what missionaries do, participate in mission action projects, and seek to live a missions lifestyle at home and school.

The group meets on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 p.m., in the fellowship hall, under the leadership of Steve Borden, Kim Daughtrey, Ed Stewart, and Steve Shawgo.

Our puppet team adds to our worship services on an occasional basis, and performs at other church events and missions settings, including the Easter Egg Hunt, Vacation Bible School, and the church Christmas program.

Our puppet team is comprised of youth in grades 6 and above. Currently, the puppet team rehearses at 4:45pm on Wednesday nights, in the sanctuary. The puppet group is led by Meta Lowe and Barbara Wilkins.