Becoming A Member
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Membership is open to any person who has professed faith in Jesus Christ, thereby making a life commitment to follow his teachings in every arena of life. To unite with our congregation in a formal way, you must be willing to sign the church covenant as an expression of your willingness to be a part of our congregation.

Baptism is the public, formal profession of faith, just as a wedding is the public, formal profession of love.

As such, baptism, according to the New Testament, is the manner in which all believers profess their faith to the church and to the world. It is the rite by which an individual marks the change from being "not-a-Christian" to being a "Christian".

Baptism is a public act of witness, so all baptisms take place during our morning worship service.

After you present yourself as a candidate for baptism, the pastor will help you schedule your baptism for a Sunday when family members and friends can be present.