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N.T. Wright poses a question that strikes at the heart of Christian living: "What do I do after I believe?"

Christians rightly believe that, once they've accepted Jesus, they stand in God's grace, and will go to heaven when they die. But, what now, "after we believe, but before we die"?

by Donald Miller

In this wonderfully written book, Miller takes dead aim at the tendency to boil down Christianity into a series of formulaic steps. (Four spiritual laws, "A-B-C", etc.)

Instead, Miller describes Christianity exclusively in relational terms. Starting with an exposition of Genesis 2 & 3, Miller suggests that we are created by God such that we define ourselves, and derive our sense of who we are, from outside ourselves. Initially, that sense of identity and value came from God. But, as a consequence of the Fall, we began to seek our sense of identity from one another, with disastrous relational consequences.